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Welcome to the SwimVortex calendar of events. You'll find details and links to major meets around the world, domestic and international.

Would you like to open your meet up to a much wider audience?

If you would like your event to be included in the calendar, there are three price options. If you send us the .csv file of your meet results when the action is over, we will make sure the times go straight into the world rankings.

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Date Yes Yes Yes
Venue Yes Yes Yes
Country Yes Yes Yes
Organiser Yes Yes Yes
Link to the event Yes Yes
Logo / Image Yes Yes
Small Description Yes Yes
Advertorial * Yes
Price 9.90 €
14.90 € 49.90 €

* Advertorial: SwimVortex will post an article about your meet with a minimum of three paragraphs of text describing your meet, plus a photograph supplied by the meet organiser; a graphic of your schedule, plus links and contact details for entries.